Move It!

Looking to move your accounts to Security State Bank? We are here to help. Changing financial institutions doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we will make the move easy. 


Step 1: Open an account with Security State Bank

To truly experience community banking and understand what makes Security State Bank different, stop by one of our locations and see one of our knowledgeable team members. We will be happy to advise you on the accounts and services Security State Bank offers.

Personal customers: Just click on the link below and follow the checklist and complete the necessary documents. Then print and bring the forms to any of our three locations and we will get started on helping you move to Security State Bank. 

Move It Packet

Business customers: Please contact us at one of our locations to discuss the type of business you have and what specific information for that type of business you will need.

Once your Security State Bank account is open you can enroll in our Online Banking product. From there you can sign up for bill payment services and start paying bills online and download our mobile banking app.

Step 2: Once your account is open you can fill out Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment Change Notice forms below and mail it in to the companies you need.

This is an important step for making a smooth transition to Security State Bank. Review some of your previous bank statements to determine what automatic transactions you will need to move to your new account with Security State Bank. Below are a few forms to help know what you need to give to these companies your transactions are with.

Direct Deposit

Automatic Payment Change

Step 3: Close your account(s) with your prior financial institution.

Once your Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments have been switched to your Security State Bank checking account, mail an Account Closure Request to your previous financial institution.

This form gives them all the information they need and saves you the the time of an in-person visit to close your accounts if you prefer. Your balances can be mailed to Security State Bank, where they will be deposited into your new account.

Account Closure Request


Ready to get started?

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